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Mar 10, 2005
Delco, PA
99% of the time I listen to 15 scanlists which are configured geographically. I toggle 3 others when traveling locally, have 1 not in use (19) and scanlist 20 for search/sweeper. I use the favorite scanlist for the area that I live in. Here's my question: If I was to include all conventional and Talkgroup objects from scanlists 1 - 15 in scanlist 19, could I just keep 19 active and use 1 - 15 as favorites? For example, if something occurs in scanlist 6 and I want to listen to just that, I would deactivate 19 and activate 6. This way I could activate 1 instead of deactivate 14 scanlists like I normally do when something occurs. It would give me a bunch of favorites instead of just 1 favorite scanlist. I hope that I explained this so that it's understandable. Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.



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Jan 10, 2004
Richmond, VA

If I read your post correctly, this would be no problem at all. You may have gotten in the habit of listening to a bunch of scanlists at one time from the days when you had only so many channels per memory bank. If you want to listen to everything in SL's 1-15, it makes perfect sense to combine them into one list, and keep the other SL's available for other needs.

In my setup, I like to have a list (10) devoted to fire and rescue dispatch over a large local area, and another bank (9) that includes police surveillance and special-use channels over that same area. Those same localities can be isolated in SL's 3, 4, 5 & 6 on my radio and those SL's also include the police dispatch and fire response tac's for the individual locality.

Each locality has its fire/rescue dispatch double-listed with SL#10, and has its police surv/spcl channels double-listed with SL#9. That way, I can concentrate on a particular locality using SL's 3,4 5 & 6... or quiet down my radio and concentrate on less routine stuff over a wider area using SL's 9 and/or 10.

Other specialized lists that I like include:
11 - Stuff I find in searches (default bank)
12 - Low power/itinerant
13 - Mutual aid
14 - Rail & Marine
15 - Security
16 - Aircraft
17 - commercial trunks & SMR's
18 - Special & Federal
19 - Wildcards
20 - Local gov't (dogcatchers & dump trucks)

I'm constantly modifying it, and also play a lot with the object #'s. There's a lot to look at in terms of organizing this radio.

73/Allen (N4JRI)
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