Scanner Choice Help Pls!!

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Jul 3, 2008
I am in LA and GREEN AS THEY GET ON SCANNERS!! I need a scanner that can pick-up on p45? What is the easiest scanner, best quality and value between the Uniden BCD396T & the GRE PSR-500? Please keep in mind that I am new to scanning, therefore, I really need solid advise and info on the EASIEST most USER FRIENDLY version. I bought a scanner from Radio Shack last summer, and it took me 6 different Radio Shacks to find someone to "Program" the scanner from the internet! After that, I still don't understand the basics, and the manual simply confused me! I returned the scanner within 14 days and I think it was a Radio Shack PRO-96. I've been told that my friends Radio Shack #PRO 598 wich I have been playing with, won't do what I want it to! I've also been told that the LAPD runs P25 Digital on their primary and secondary channels. Unfortunately, The 528 does not decode P25.
I want a Scanner that can tune into LAPD Air, dispatch, Cruisers with the conversation heard easily instead of one side then scanning for the answer! I also need, CHP, LASD, Marine, Military??, and local broadcasts.
If anyone can take some time to help me I would really appreciate it.
PS-I know this will sound crazy, but is it possible to somehow plug a scanner into the MP3 Port in my car so I could hear it over the car speaker system??
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