Scanner Meeting, June 6, 2010 12-4pm

Let us know if your going to attend or not!

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Dec 8, 2002
It's time to meet up and talk scanners!

Location:Lil Riccis Ny Pizza (Located in Centennial)
Address: 15352 E Ida Dr Unit H, Aurora, CO, 80015
Date: June 6th (Sunday)
Time: 12pm-4pm

Just a friendly reminder, pizza and drinks are served during the event. Luke only asks $5.00 per person for all you care to eat and drink. If pizza isn’t your thing, or your craving bread sticks with pasta, his restaurant does have a full menu to order from, just ask.

For those of you who have not attended our meets in the past, this is a wonderful event where members of and other radio enthusiast can get together and meet each other, and talk about scanners and whatever else comes up. Scanists with new radios are welcome to ask as many questions as they can. We all learn from each other and this face time with each other is invaluable.

For those who have attended prior meetings, give us some feedback here! If you have an idea, share it with us! We want to make these meetings fun and informative at the same time.

Here is some advice /feedback from prior meetings. Start writing down your questions and bring them, along with a pad of paper and pen to write down the answers. The most common heard statement is, “gee, I have so many questions, but I can’t remember them right now.” Also, if you can, bring your laptop that you program your scanner with. Many questions deal with how to program scanners using software. I can’t express how much easier it is to help someone by walking them through their software while showing them what to do vs. just telling them. Of course, many of us bring our computers to help program scanners, along with showing off how Pro96Com works.
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