Scanner Radio Forums 1/5/13 at Ham Radio University in Bethpage NY

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I am posting this into the regional forums since it doesn't do any good to announce this on the national forums on RR.


I am pleased to announce the return of the Scanner Radio Presentation at this year's Ham Radio University.

Ham Radio University is Sunday, January 5th, 2013 and starts at 9am at Briarcliff College, Bethpage NY. Their Website is: Ham Radio University . Ham Radio University holds 25 classes (Forums) lasting 50 minutes each through the day. For a full schedule, check the Forum list: Forums

I presented an "Intro To Scanner Radio" forum last three years. Due to the response from previous year's classes, I've been asked to come back this year and give the forum a FOURTH time. For those who missed the forum last year, or for those that had to listen from the hallway, the Scanner Forum is in room A and starts at 9am.

The material goes through the basics of scanner radio listening. Starting with PL Tones and moving through Trunk Systems, Rebanding, and Digital Modulation. Last year's forum handout is located here:

Last year, I presented an "Advanced Scanning Class". I have asked to give this course again this year, and it will also be in room A, but will start at 10am. The course material will go through advanced techniques such as using UniTrunker to analyze several trunk systems and how to use UniTrunker to bring life back into your old 'pre-reband' scanner. We'll touch on several PC applications such as FreeSCAN, ProScan, and BuTel Software and how to use some of the logging and programming features. I will also show how logging and trunking analysis can be done with a Uniden HomePatrol-1 and the Extreme update. And if there is time, how to use Digital Speech Decoder on your windows PC to listen to digital frequencies with an analog scanner.

I plan on having a lot of live demos for the Advanced Class.

I hope to see some of you this Sunday.
Phil / w2lie
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