Scanner / Radio Retail stores

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Dec 19, 2002
Twin Cites Area MN
With the closing of more Radio Shack stores I started trying to recall where all I had purchased/ shopped for scanners and radio equipment in the TC Metro.
At this point I am only aware of Action Radio and Radio City with stores you can walk in and look at / try out scanners and radios. There are still a small handful of Radio Shops that sell Two Way radios and parts but most don't have a retail store front. I buy Radio and antenna parts from MRE in Golden Valley - very helpful parts staff but not a retail store to try out stuff and I don't believe they even sell scanners.
Communications Center on Lyndale in Richfield sold scanners along with 2way but the 2way moved out if I recall and the retail store became a car stereo store. I recall a scanner/ radio store on the West side of hw100 in the Crystal Robbinsdale area that closed when the rebuild of 100 took place Atlas? Maybe. I remember some older ham operators talking about some other shops that used to sell Ham Radios in the cities.
Not open for further replies.