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Nov 14, 2004
Tucson, Arizona
I couldn't figure out whether to put this in the Tavern or not. I figured I would get flamed either way.

but here you go...

NASCAR Scanner at for $39.99

Audio Racing

OK, we admit it. When asked for our opinion on the athletico-cultural phenomenon known as NASCAR, we’d reach for that easy cliche: “hit the gas and turn left.” We’re not proud of our snobbery. But the idea of roasting on a metal bench underneath a raging sun for four long hours, deafened by roaring motors and bloated by too many tepid beers, festooning our homes with flaming checkerboard numbers (Rusty Wallace toilet seat, anyone?)...let’s just say that all the noise and hoopla distracted us from the cerebral chess-match aspect of the sport.

But once we got our ears on this Random Proscan 100 Nascar Trackside Race Scanner, we were changed men. Quicker than you can say “boogity, boogity, boogity,” we were tuning in to the voices of our favorite automotive gladiators and the crews that watch their backs. Your #48 Chevy seems a little tight on the turns, Jimmie. Hey, Tony, you’re clear on the left! Time to charge! What’s that, Kasey? You’re having some kind of problem with your readouts? I guess that’s why your #9 Dodge is falling back. We got the scoop before ol’ DW himself!

As we scanned its 100 channels and set three presets for our favorite drivers, an entire world of strategy opened up before our ears, a sophisticated milieu of drafting and downforce and precisely-timed pit stops. Thanks to the noise-reducing earmuffs, these intimate conversations came through loud and clear on our scanner's earbuds. We didn’t care any more about the ear-shattering engines or the beer-boiling heat. We didn’t even care which driver’s logo was on our randomly-selected scanner – we were too caught up in the intricacies of the battle. Hey, you think we could have that Rusty Wallace toilet seat back?
Warranty: 90 days


* 100-channel scanner with earbuds
* runs 24 hours on a set of AA batteries (included)
* built-in FM radio
* 3 preset buttons
* noise-reducing earmuffs lower noise levels up to 26 dB
* scanner and earmuffs feature driver-specific graphics

In the box:

* Proscan 100 scanner
* 26db reducing earmuffs
* stereo earbuds
* 2 Duracell AA batteries
* Lanyard

You'll receive One (1) of the following models:

* Dale Earnhardt Jr
* Tony Stewart
* Jeff Gordon
* Nascar Racing


Feb 22, 2006
Phoenix Area.
Dang, I was all hyped up after seeing the price. I figured I'd scrape off, or paint over the nascar part...

Then I opened the site and noticed the big whammy.... EARMUFFS.

No thanks. LOL


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Jun 13, 2002
Eastern MA
It's a crappy picture, but the scanner is at the lower right of each set of ear muffs. It's kind of round in shape, looks like a CD player. No idea who actually makes the scanner or the frequency ranges.

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