ScannerCast problem

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Dec 12, 2004
Traverse City, MI
I recently switched over to the ScannerCast program at RR's suggestion, but quickly discovered a problem. After about 5 minutes, all I hear from the listening end is various levels of static. It's not the scanner, pull the audio cable and everything sounds fine. It's not the sound card on my PC, since the speakers plugged in also don't play the static. But anything remotely listening (via RR webpage, iTunes, iPhone apps) all get nothing but static. I have to stop the broadcast and restart it to get the static to go away, only to have it come back 5 or so minutes later. OddCast never did this, and after the problem with ScannerCast, I went back to OddCast. I thought the audio with ScannerCast was better (when it was working!) and would like to use it, so does anyone have any thoughts on what would cause this?



Stay with Oddcast....

I fought ScannerCast for a week and gave up. I never had the static problem but my audio would sound tinny and overdriven even though it sounded just fine if i closed ScannerCast and opened Oddcast without making any adjustments, just switch which program was running.

So your problem might be a variant of what was happening to me, only worst as it was totally losing the audio i don't know.

The other problem is it would randomly stop the listeners and they would have to keep hitting play to keep it going, i was getting a half dozen or so emails a day complaining about that. Not to mention the complaints about the audio quality. My feed isn't anonymous and i appreciate the feedback though so any listeners reading this keep up the good work letting me know if something goes wrong on your end!

After switching back to Oddcast i got compliments on fixing the audio and connections problems. I then let the cat out of the bag and told them i was trying another program for the stream for a while, after learning this they started begging me to leave it alone.... So i have. I plan on getting a thin client to dedicate to running Oddcast for the scanner, just don't have the funds so for now the spare computer will continue to serve this duty.
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