Scanning Jefferson County MO Sheriff

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Jun 7, 2019
Fenton, Missouri
Hello all, I have a question that probably will make me look less than smart. I've had scanners for a long time starting out with the old crystal ones than the programmable. Right now I still have my old Radio Shack Pro-39. I want to hear our local sheriff but only can get fire and ambulance calls. Should my Pro-39 be able to pick up these freq's or do I need to buy a new Phase 2? I was looking at a Uniden Bearcat BCD325P2, but got scared away because it looked really hard to program.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Department
St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)
Project 25 Phase II
Used by Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies. (Law is Encrypted) (as of 2/3/15)

Frequency 155.64000
License WPYY895
Type RM
Tone 114.8 PL
Alpha Tag JfCoSheriff1
Description Sheriff: Dispatch [Ch 1]
Mode FMN
Tag Law Dispatch



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Nov 25, 2007
West St. Louis County, MO
Yes, you would need a digital scanner to hear anything on Slater which almost all of Jeffco is today.
Also, Slater is listed as Phase II but is still running in Phase I mode. At some point, they will change to Phase II but it's anyone's guess when that may happen.

With that said, there's not much you can monitor on Slater for both, St Louis and Jefferson counties. They are both pretty much fully encrypted when it comes to Law talk. About all that's left is fire in both counties and in Jeffco and public works users. In Jeffco, I think maybe Pevely and at least one other rural PD agency is in the clear but Jeffco itself is fully encrypted since the moment they switched to Slater. They were never in the clear even for one second when they switched to Slater.

On the other hand, Moswin is almost totally in the clear and monitorable if you like monitoring the state patrol and several other types of traffic on that system. Moswin is also listed as Phase II but like Slater, is still using just Phase I mode. A Phase II scanner is probably your best bet if you are going to continue in the hobby. Moswin is not simulcast so most digital scanners should not have any simulcast (LSM) issues like you may find when trying to monitor any of the sites on Slater as Slater is simulcast on all sites.
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