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Skip it, from all I've heard - you want to get Scan Control; it properly supports both the old and new firmware versions of the 2052. From all the scuttlebutt, that seems to be the way to go. Older packages like Scan Pro don't always work correctly - or sometimes not at all - with the new firmware.

The URL is: http://www.scannersoft.com

A nice feature is that if you decide to upgrade to the Uniden scanners - including the BCD996 and BCT15 (programming support is supposed to be released this weekend)
the same software will work with the 2052 as well as those, and a great many other Uniden scanners as well.

Control/Monitoring for the 996 and 15 will come in the next release.

I have not heard much good about Scancat Lite Plus or the Trunkstar packages. I also understand that IDTracker supports the 2052, although not completely.

73s Mike
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