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Jan 22, 2012
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Will be spending some time in Scottsdale/FH area in the upcoming weeks. Was toying with taking my PSR500 along with me for entertainment purposes.

If I wanted to listen to Scottsdale/FH, any wisdom anyone can provide as to the system(s) I should program?

Are Scottsdale/FH all on the Phoenix 800 P1 system, or no?

Sorry, just not familiar with that area at all ref Public Safety Systems. I DO know that phoenix is on a 800 P1 system, but I am thinking I may be too far out to listen to them.... or... no?

If someone has a Win500 file they'd be willing to share, I would be eternally grateful.

Sorry if this seems "basic", but, as indicated, I am just not familiar with the area at all ref police/fire radio systems.


Dec 19, 2002
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I don't have a PSR-500 so I don't have a file handy, but you'll want to program the county's radio system, the RWC simulcast sites B, H ,F and the Thompson Peak IR, along with Phoenix Fire VHF. For the freeways, plug in DPS also.

Fountain Hills is covered by MCSO, which is on the county system. I don't routinely monitor them, so I'm not sure what talkgroups you'll want to monitor. Maybe someone in FH can chime in?

Scottsdale PD uses primarily Simulcast H, but can also be heard on Simulcast B, Simulcast F and Thompson Peak sites. Most of the "interesting" channels are encrypted, but dispatch is in the clear.

Scottsdale Fire uses the Phoenix Fire channels found on the RWC, along with the VHF hazard channels. On the VHF side, you'll only hear units if they are close. To see what you're listening to, you'll want to watch this website: They don't display all the calls, but the big ones usually end up on there.

Enjoy your visit! We've got some of the best weather in the entire country this time of year!



May 2, 2005
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And let's not forget that Rural Metro Fire Dept services Fountain Hills for fire and EMS.

I think Fort McDowell PD and FD are both on either VHF or UHF. I can't monitor them from my house, so I don't have them programmed. They come down to the NE side of FTH

With regards to the Phoenix RWC, I pick up most of the traffic off the Thompson Peak site, and a little off the South Scottsdale site (H), which is what I'd expect in FTH.

Phoenix RWC runs most EMS calls on 800 MHz trunked, but fires and multi-company incidents on VHF. They dispatch Scottsdale FD.

Mesa FD (800 MHz Topaz system) dispatches FD/EMS in Rio Verde, which is the next town north of FTH. I hear Mesa FD off the Thompson Peak site very well.



Dec 21, 2007
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I have a PRO96 file for the area. If you can use it please let me know and I'll email it to you. Fountain
Hills is my favorite town!




Aug 17, 2003
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DPS uses 460.200 Metro East, and 460.175 Metro East Tac, for the 101 Pima/Price freeway from I-17 in north Phoenix down through Scottsdale and Tempe into Chandler, as well as I-10, US 60 and the 202 Red Mountain/Santan freeways through the East Valley. They use 460.475, District 11, on the Beeline Highway, AZ 87, which runs from Mesa northeasterly up through the Salt River community, past Fountain Hills and up to Payson.
MCSO is on the 4 East talkgroups. Fountain Hills is District 7, the rest of the Northeast Valley is District 4. The Southeast Valley is District 1, with the exception of Queen Creek which is District 6. Use the county's Thompson Peak site. You'll have to listen to all 4 district's on the East talkgroups, unfortunately.
The Salt River recreational area and the recreational lakes northeast of the Valley are on the MCSO's Lake Patrol talkgroups. Again, use the county's Thompson Peak site.
Scottsdale PD is on Simulcast H in Scottsdale, and the Thompson Peak intellirepeater of the RWC system. Some of the talkgroups may also be available on Simulcast B in Phoenix. A-1 South, A-2 North, A-3, A-4 are the main talkgroups. A-5 Event 1, A-6 Event 3, A-7 Traffic, A-14 Tech, C-5 Event 2, C-6 Event 4, C-7 Traffic, C-14 PD to Municipal Services, D-6 Training 3 are other clear TG's.
Scottsdale PD also uses "Hotel Net" 460.350 to communicate with local resorts and hotels when needed.
Paradise Valley PD, which sits between Phoenix and Scottsdale, is on 857.9625.
Phoenix PD is on Simulcast A of the RWC system. You'll want 200 A & B (Black Mountain Precinct, far north), 600 A & B (Desert Horizon Precinct, northeast), and 700 A & B (Mountain View Precinct, east central). They may also be monitorable on Simulcast H in Scottsdale.
The Ft McDowell Yavapai Apache Indian community just northeast of Fountain Hills uses 411.675 & 408.475 for PD, and 154.085 & 158.880 for FD.
The Salt River Pima/Maricopa Indian community east and south of Scottsdale and south of Fountain Hills use 453.575, 460.1125 &460.1375 for PD, and 453.725 & 460.1625 for FD.
The Phoenix Regional Fire Alarm Center (Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, etc) uses A-1 154.190 for regionwide dispatch, and A-5 153.830 (northeast Phoenix) and A-11 154.025 (Paradise Valley & Scottsdale) for fireground and HAZMAT calls. On the RWC, you want K-1 for dispatch (simulcast of 154.190), K-7 is the primary EMS Tac for northeast Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, and K-10 and K-11 for mountain rescues and multi-patient MVA's. The K-deck talkgroups can be heard on Simulcast B in Phoenix, Simulcast H in Scottsdale and the Thompson Peak intellirepeater.
Rural-Metro FD (Fountain Hills, and the Carefree & Cave Creek area north of Scottsdale, as well as other areas) uses 154.370 for dispatch and tactical uses (repeater), and 155.805 & 154.400 (simplex) for tactical uses on larger incidents.
The Tonto National Forest sits northeast and east of the Valley. 164.825 Fire Net 1, 170.500 Fire Net 2 and 168.725 Admin Net are the 3 main channels.
Enjoy your stay.
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