SD amateur radio

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Feb 13, 2007
Bismarck ,ND
hey guys,

where can i get testing books, etc for having a ham radio. I need to drive the wife nuts with more radio's! Your help is needed! HAHAHA just kidding! I am sure she will roll her eyes. At least that is worth it! Maybe, I can get a pic of her doing that in front of my listening shack!


Also, there will be a testing session at the Clear Lake SD Hamfest the end of July.

Check Deuel County Amateur Radio Club - 444.950 & 444.300 (PL 136.5) Clear Lake, South Dakota for details, times, dates, etc..

I happen to be a VE in the club. I think we might also have testing coming up in Brookings as well, you can check Brookings Radio Research Club - 146.940 (PL146.2 ) Brookings, SD for any info on upcoming events there.

I'm also sure there will be stuff going on in Sioux Falls as well also but i don't have any details on it.

Also stop by most Radio Shack's, or The Shack now, in Sioux Falls. Last i was in one down there they still had the Gordon West series of study guides.

And as the previous post mentioned you can also go to for study materials as well. You can also take practice exams online on Home - Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) Community Site or QRZ.COM Callsign Database

Good Luck!!

PS: Hope to hear you on the air when you get licensed!
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