SD card slot extension cable.

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Jan 15, 2007
Not sure if anyone else would find this useful.....

I was doing a lot of SD card swapping in my desktop SDS200 and was concerened about longevity of the built in card slot. At this desk, I use external card readers and an assortment of different cards for different programming and/or recording situations in multiple SDS200 units (home, mobile etc.). I also custom program and update cards for a few other folks in my area who also use the SDS200. Those folks aren't really all that computer literate (some don't even have computers), so I can't just email them a file and have them copy it to a card. I always like to run those cards in my desktop scanner after programming them in a card reader... to be sure they will function as expected before passing them on to others.

To minimize wear on the SD card slot in the SDS200, I got an 18" micro SD card extension cable and routed it under the scanner and fastened it with double sided sticky foam to just beyond the front edge of the next shelf down on my desk. The ribbon cable is thin, flat, and very flexible. Soooooo much easier to access the card this way! Even if I wasn't swapping cards quite so frequently, I would definitely still be using this.

The card slot end of the extension cable has a much more robust and positive feel to it than the card slot in the scanner. The finger push area is curved and cut deeper than the slot area on the scanner, and consequently it's so much easier to push on the card to lock/unlock it. It's working out very well and if it breaks from constant usage, it's just a few dollars and a couple minutes to replace the cable... instead of a trip to Uniden to replace the onboard card slot..

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