SDRPLAY RSP2 Pro Scanning?

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Apr 29, 2017
I have been using a PCR-1000 with TalkPCR for years and just purchased an SDRPlay RSP2Pro.

What I am looking to do is automatically run through a set list of programmed frequencies continuously like a scanner would but at a set time for each frequency. Squelch is not a factor.

Question: Is there software out there that will do this? I have looked and all I see is the point and click or dial like spectrum tuning with no memory channel "scan" functions. Am I missing something with SDRUno or one of the other packages?

For example I have a bank set up in TalkPCR with all the Volmet frequencies Screenshot by Lightshot

I click one button and it steps through each channel stopping for 10 seconds on each one to listen before advancing to the next channel. Screenshot by Lightshot

Thanks in advance
Not open for further replies.