SDRuno version 1.21 was released yesterday

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Oct 14, 2014
Bedford, UK
SDRplay has just released an update to SDRuno - version 1.21 is now out.

It includes a number of improvements and bug fixes to the recent major upgrade - Version 1.2

These include:

1. Restored VFO button for centring of the VFO on the SP1 display
2. Changed the default step size for USB and LSB to 500 Hz
3. Ham band framing buttons can now toggle on or off
4. Recalling stations from the memory panel automatically unlocks the LO if necessary
5. Bug fixes associated with the redrawing the SP1 display
6. Bug fix affecting the storing of calibration values for the RSP2
7. Bug fix affecting CW Zap and CW AFC if the SP2 display FFT is not a 2^n size
8. Changes to the default settings of the SP1 waterfall display
a. Waterfall averaging (WF Ave) now set to ‘off’ by default
b. Tweaks to the default waterfall gain and contrast settings
9. Fixed missing Main Window Instance value
10. Fixed Windows XP support
11. Auto calibration system now selects DAB sub mode if not selected
12. Memory Panel now responds to Ctrl+W

For more details, including our roadmap for additional features - take a look on the SDRplay community forum:
SDRuno 1.21 Released - SDRplay Community Forum

For demos of the latest Version 1.2X SDRuno in action - there are lots of examples on the SDRplay Youtube channel (in the SDRuno V 1.2 Video Guides section
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