SDS200 GPS won't respond when in one place long

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Dec 6, 2005
I have 2 SDS200's. The first one, I got when they first came out, I had it mounted in my SUV, with the factory Uniden GPS puck up on the dash. Worked great. But I noticed that, when I start the scanner up, and remain within the location it was started up for a while (approx. 1/2 hr or more) when I move into the next area I have programmed via GPS, it stays on the previous system, unless I bump the menu button twice, where it seems to get a refreshed GPS fix, and then proceeds to work great.

So I got another SDS200 a month or two ago, and decided to put the first one in the house, and put the new one in the SUV, and .....Same thing.

And sometimes while moving, if within the GPS range of one system for a while, it needs a manual "refresh" to get it back to unlocking and locking the systems again.

I have a GPS indication, along with both Lat. and Long. readings on the screen, and I can see the numbers change as I travel, so I know it's getting the GPS coordinates.

Anyone else experienced this? Any idea on what it may be?
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