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Jan 19, 2006
Middle TN
Hi new problem for me SDS200 /Proscan/SAM/Computer. I am at a loss what the problem is and after working fine with no issues for months. I am having a confict between my computer sound and my SDX200 and I am not being able to hear the scanner over my computer headphones. I have the scanner attached with a Lan cord through my wifi router which is a rental unit with my ISP. I was DJing over the internet when it happened and all of a sudden the music on my SAM DJ software and also the computer became distorted and has been since Friday. I have rebooted the computer, router and scanner and have tried the Windows 10 audio trouble shooter and when I did I could not hear the ping they send to test it. It said I needed to update my driver for my Realtek sound device and it was unable to do it automatically. So I went in and uninsalled it and then rebooted and still no scanner to the computer headphones and music on the computer and over the internet is still distorted. Any idea? Thanks in advance