Season 4 Skinwalker Ranch


Feb 12, 2023
N of Denver
Its funny that even Robert Bigelow could not even find out what was goin on and the US government hired him ........
If there is something out there, it's likely much more advanced than we could probably comprehend so this wouldn't surprise me.

We really don't know what he found out. I'm sure it's classified, and if he did find something, we wouldn't know.

Either way it's been a fun show to watch for several reasons.


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Dec 19, 2002
Erik and Brandon really upped the game for EM support measures at the ranch by investing in Aaronia's EM surveillance system. Erik was briefly demoing it on Insiders until he went dark showing it. I am guessing that it will be prominently used in Season 4.

I always wondered why Travis was so focused on the L band signal that appears during UAP episodes or *other* strange happenings. Since he was a member of the group that produced the classified report for Congress and during one of the Insider discussion he mentioned that a similar L Band signal had been observed during some of the US Navy UAP events. While he did not explicitly state this, his method of confirming it was very obvious.

Spectran V6 is the system that was implemented at SWR, and they make directional arrays to ascertain positional information of emitters that are being observed. They have come a long way from the RF Explorers and then SDRPlay systems (although this is useful).

I expect that every show will still be 30% "clip show", but we should learn more about the phenomena there at SWR. while Brandon continues to monetize SWR.