SeaTTY and MultiPSK updates


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Jul 22, 2002
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Presented as is...any errors in transcription are mine. These come from the reflectors found on where noted
From Sergei Podstrigailo from the Digital Mode Radio reflector;

I have uploaded SeaTTY 2.65 to the main site and the mirror:

SeaTTY version history

  • V2.65
The soundcard sampling error correction was rewritten. A wave-file with any sampling rate in range of 6000...48000 samples/s can be opened for decoding by the "File / Decode From File" command.
  • V2.60
PACTOR-1 FEC mode support was made. At least PWZ-33 Brasilia station transmits weather warnings in this mode. Some minor improvements and bug fixes were made.
  • V2.55
A soundcard number can be above ten now.
  • V2.50
The "Setup / Text / Add this comment to saved text files: ..." option was made.
From Patrick Lindecker from the MultiPSK reflector (and echoed in several other places)

Several bugs fixed permit to this new version to decode 93 sound files representing more or less all the amateur and professional modes which can be decoded by Multipsk.
The goal of this collection of 93 sound files is, for a user, to train on digital modes proposed by Multipsk. For this, for a given mode, it will be found a sound file, which will permit to listen to the type of sound generated by the mode in transmission (except for the modes decoded in SDR).

To see how its spectrum appears on the "waterfall",
To see how looks like the decoding.
To test the different controls proposed.

The information about this collection of files is proposed below:

The sound files are inside ZIP files downloadable here: