Second Alarm chemical spill in Phoenix

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May 2, 2020
At around 800 North 75th Avenue, Phoenix FD is working a 2 Alarm HazMat chemical spill. The following units are assigned to the call:

E4+ E24+ E25+ E32+ E34+ E40+ E44+ E54+ E152+ E161+ E183+ E185+ E193+ E272+ E925+ R3 R21 R34 C957N C957S HM4 HM157 HM183 HM185 HM193 HM272 C99 C959 RM50 L4+ L11 L24 L26 SQ8+ SQ44+ BC1 BC2 BC3 BC152 BC161 BC171 BC181 BC191 CDC CRV DC3 DC5 WDC ADOT00 BUS000 CRVA CRVB CRVC CRVD DEQ000 DPS008 DPS009 PHXP11 RH1 SRP000 U10 U29 U171 U324

I-10 is closed now, but in the process of reopening the freeway [on and off ramps and access roads will remain closed until further notice - per AZDPS.
Not open for further replies.