Seeking Frequencys and equipment advice for Yellowstone region

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May 1, 2008
Greater Yellowstone Region and the Snake River Pla
Wanting to set up a equipment set to monitor human chatter about wildlife in the greater yellowstone area, I am a wildlife photographer and would like to use the information to help me be in the right place at the right time to get some good images.

I also would like to hear behind the scene conversations about wildlife management issues and interactions with public to further my understanding about the tough public policy situation we have up here.

I am completely 100% new to scanning have no equipment as of yet but looking at getting a GRE 500.

Any frequency's that are in any way related to wildlife in the Gardnier Lamar valley region would be most appreciated.

In particular,
Department of Livestock
Montana Fish and Game
US Forrest Service
Wildlife Services
Department of Agriculture Wildlife services division

Any research group, activist group or watchdog orgnization using radios that operate on a frequency i can scan into.

Thanks for your help!


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Oct 12, 2007
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I plan on going there at the end of Sept. Will advise what I find. This is from the now defunct scanning the Natl. Parks website circa 2000

It appears the park service radio channels are numbered as follows: (as of summer 2000)
Group 1 - Primary
Mobile Rx Tx CTCSS
Channel 1 166.375 166.375 cs North area simplex
Channel 2 166.375 166.975 cs North area repeater
Channel 3 165.5875 165.5875 cs South areas simplex
Channel 4 165.5875 164.800 cs South areas repeater
Channel 5 167.150 167.150 cs Special (Scene of Action)
Channel 6 167.150 163.125 cs SOA Repeater
Channel 7 166.875 166.875 136.5 West Simplex
Channel 8 166.875 169.400 136.5 Fire Hole Repeater
Channel 9 166.875 169.400 123.0 West Repeater (136.5 Out)
Channel 10 172.500 172.500 CS Fire Cache
Channel 11 171.675 171.675 CS Grand Teton Ch 1
Channel 12 171.675 172.425 CS Grand Teton Ch 2
Channel 13 164.825 164.125 167.9 Gallatin National Forest
Channel 14 168.350 168.350 CS Common
166.375 167.025? ?Listed as W Yellowstone DOI'95
168.650 168.650 cs Air Net


Yellowstone ID/MT/WY 166.375 166.975 411.675 411.775
417.375 417.475

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