Seminole Tribe of Florida (South Central Florida) CAP+ VHF


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Jul 29, 2002
East Central, Florida
Among other properties and casinos that are owned and operated by the Seminole tribe... there are three in the south central portion of the state that seem to share a radio system. From what I can tell, this system is not in the RR Db.

the three sites seem to be covered under WRDK819 and operate as a CAP+ multi-site with RAS.

Our monitoring shows that Transmitter 5 in Brighton (note the typo on the license) is reporting as CAP+ Site 3 w/ CC 4, with a Neighbor of Site 4.

The Clewiston site (Transmitter 3 on the pic below) has been observed using CC 2 and the Immokalee site (Transmitter 1 on the pic below) has been monitored using CC 3, but we do not have site information for these two yet.

any info and monitoring data greatly appreciated!