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Sentinel: How to auto-convert RCS talkgroups into NextGen


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Mar 7, 2010
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In Sentinel, you have the option to VIEW favorites list data such as talkgroups as decimal or HEXIDECIMAL. If you edit your current RCS favorites list, and select VIEW, and change from decimal to hexidecimal, you can right click and COPY any group of talkgroups for transfer/convertion to NextGen. Hexidecimal talkgroup numbers are the same for the current RCS, as well as the Nextgen system. Since Sentinel COPY function copies as simple text, copying the talkgroups as HEXIDECIMAL will PRESERVE proper talkgroup ID when pasting into your new Nextgen favorites list.

Make sure you VIEW both the COPY from favorites list while in edit mode, as well as the PAST to target Nextgen favorites ist edit mode. Also, ensure you note how many talkgroups you are copying, as pasting requires you to create that exact amount of blank talkgroups, and highlight that exact amount of talkgroups before right click PASTE function will work properly. If you fail to highlight the same number of blank NextGen talkgroups when you paste, Sentinel will throw an error. When you paste in hexidecimal view, then switch back to DECIMAL view, the RCS hexidecimal talkgroup numbers will be automatically converted into the proper APCO25 decimal ID numbers. This makes bulk converting your existing RCS favorites lists into identical NextGen favorites lists extremely simple. Don't forget to properly create and format your NextGen systems and sites prior to transfering your talkgroups.

You can alternately create a new NextGen system below your RCS system in your existing RCS favorites list if you wish, and then copy/paste all your departments, followed by all your talkgroups. The process is the same simple copy and pasting process, and again, you MUST ensure you are always working under HEXIDECIMAL VEW.


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