Service types as a search tool

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May 10, 2007
Cerritos, CA (LA County)
One of the powerful features of the Uniden x36HP series that I find is the "service types."
This is where the full database really can be useful. For example, I have stated in other threads that if I enter my zip code here in the LA basin even with 0 miles, I will get literally thousands of channels/trunk sites to scan. Pretty non-productive. However, if I go in and turn off all Service Types except, for example, military or Federal, then lock out the common Federal ones like Wx channels, you can run ProScan or ARC536PRO logging plus recording and after several hours, really come up with a lot of interesting stuff. This can be done for any service type.
I am aware of the Discovery mode as well, but for searching, sometimes these Service Types can be a powerful tool. Hope that others may find this useful.
Steve AA6IO
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