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Dec 19, 2002
Flower Mound, TX
Hey everyone,

I am moving into a house in about a month and I will be setting up my new shack. Right now I live in an apartment and my antennas are on the balcony of our second floor apartment. It's not ideal reception but it's worked well for what we can do here. In the new house I initially plan to put my antenna in the attic but I may install a rooftop antenna later on if reception is poor or I can get away with it. Unfortunately I have a homeowners association and the rule is if you install an antenna it can't be visible "directly in front of the house when viewed from the center of the public right of way". That probably leaves chimney mounting out of the question because it would be visible. The house is two stories although the only attic space is above the garage which is the lowest part of the attic.

Anyway, I would like to get away with one antenna if possible. Right now I have 2 Radio Shack Discone Antennas and a MAXRAD antenna of some type that was given to me. In my apartment one antenna doesn't seem to do better than the other. My goal would be to try out one antenna in the attic and run the coax cable to a multicoupler which would then go out to my 3 or 4 scanners that I will have attached. Since we're not in the house yet I don't know how long of a run my cable will need to be but I would guess it's somewhere between 50' to 75' since my office will be downstairs. I will be using this antenna system setup for Military Air Band both VHF and UHF, VHF-Air, and some fire department listening in the 150 MHz and 450-460 MHz range.

So, I am looking for thoughts on what would be the best setup here. Is there a better antenna that I should look at? Is LMR-400 cable the way to go? Any other things I'm not thinking about? Also, in my apartment I occasionally get interference from my wireless keyboard as well as our PVR when my wife is playing a recording on the TV. Are there filters to get rid of this? In the house I will be further away from the TV so that might not be an issue. I also live in Flower Mound which is a suburban area north of Dallas-Ft. Worth. How can I tell if I need filters to get rid of pager interference or if I need an air band filter for the VHF/UHF Airbands? Thanks in advance for the answers!

Not open for further replies.