BCT8: Setting up scanner in Wa. County, OR. with reband

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Apr 9, 2017
Hillsboro, OR
Hey all. Owned a Uniden BCT8 for years. Been noticing that I'm not really getting any more chatter on all the TG's and what not. Found that in my county (Washington County in Oregon) they went through the rebanding process. I upgraded the firmware on my BCT8 to support this. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get this dam thing programmed now. Needs all the base, step, offset frequencies. Anyone know of an easy way of figuring this out specifically for Washington County where I'm at? Been all over the place reading how to articles and can't seem to get this figured out.

BCT8FirmwareUpdate < UnidenMan4 < TWiki

Washington County / Clackamas County / Newberg Trunking System, Various, Oregon - Scanner Frequencies

Also do I need to only put in the control and alternate control frequencies as this article states? I was previously entering in all the frequencies.

Control Channel Only

I work in IT and have seriously been trying to figure this sh*t out for 2 days now and getting very frustrated.

Thanks for any help.
Not open for further replies.