Short 14 millisecond TETRA pulses not consistently detected in SDR Sharp

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Jul 13, 2013
but he is talking about Fire department and other use only encrypt Tetra.
The Austrian Tetra Provider have frequency for Company usage. I dont know what kind of Encryption the use.
Here in Austria only large Company like Public Transport have there own Radio System.
The Point is One Freq (!) cost you a +1000€ / month/ X km²
On a shared freq the price is per Radio ~10€ - 20€.

A 1000Min, SMS, many GB or Flat for your Cellphone cost 10€ - 20€.
A Tippical Cellphone cost 20€ - 100€ and a Radio? ~800€
And the Radio must be Certified who cost ~500€ for each Type.
To get a Certified Dealer cost also Money!!!
So 99,8% of all Company use Cellphones. There are just a hand full Taxi company who have a Radio.
The most operate in a small area who the get lower price for the Radio freq.
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