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Jan 4, 2003
los Angeles
Hi guys.
I am a sound mixer and we use lot of RF in the business.
Anyway, I use a brand of wireless called LECTROSONIC. they are arguably the best in the business. I have some that I used to use in a block that is no longer available to us in the 700 MHZ area.
I pulled one of the SMA antennas off a transmitter and stuck it on my scanner. The results are good.
I am in Los Angels and the LAPD use a wide ranging APCO 25 NON trunked system.
So any where you go in the city something can be going on.

I looked around on the web for good sources on these antennas.

Antennas | B&H Photo Video

As it turns out they are very expensive.
There are some very cool log periodic and portable folding dipoles which can be tuned in the field.

Remote audio
Antennas | Remote Audio
Sells a TUNABLE (as does LECTROSONICS) antenna. they are cut able from just above 500 Mhz up to around 950 Mhz.

To make a long story short....If you live in a HIGH RF environment or really want to listen to a very exact and specific range then one of these "tunable) from either remote audio or LECTROSONICS might do the trick.
One of my EDC problems with larger "gain" antennas is that the antenna throws the radio out of balance and or just get in the way.
I picked up an antenna that is basically a insulated SS braid (super heavy duty) connected to an SMA connector. its tunable and very flexible so NOTHING gets hung up on it.
It works great on my 396 and 436.
I also picked up a LECTROSONICS version that has a hinge that allows me to lay the radio down and set the antenna to vertical. same floppyish SS insulated wire no hang ups.

OK so the remote audio antennas are a lot less $$ they have some with 90 degree fixed angles...BnC and or SMA.
they are well made and at $15.00-$20.00 I really cant fault these remote audio antennas. They have flexible and stiff "memory steel" versions. I have to give the Memory steel units a good thumbs up while they tend to catch on things more easily they always spring back to their original shape...

OK so there is a link to the B and H web site. they have LOTS of antennas there. Some very cool wide banded directional some not. some cheap some not. I have found the LECTROSONICS folding tunable dipoles to be amazing. at about $100 they are pricy. BUT they can be tuned very close to the frequency that you are monitoring, they are easy to mount. One could easily make one of these for yourself.... but it wouldn't be as nice as the new version.

Have a look around. I have a great collection of antennas. Home-brew, commercial amateur. Dollar for dollar having an antenna which is specific to the stuff you are listening to is a great way to go.The reduction of internod (not much of an issue with the new UNIDEN because the IF's can be shifted around) but if you are in a place where you get a lot of FM or TV or CELL.... All that RF can wipe out the front ends on some radios. Having an antenna which is "hearing" a specific frequency (and its harmonics) can really make a huge difference to the quality of your monitoring.
As an example when I monitor AIRCRAFT I use a BAND PASS filter that only lets the aircraft band through to the radio.
a tuned antenna can have the same as rejecting out of band frequencies.
OK so you live 20 miles out and want to monitor CANTON OH PD. These little antennas will not work miracles. Get a directional antenna if thats your situation.
Anyway I love a good antenna.... so if you have some to share. if you have seen and tried either the REMOTE AUDIO or LECTROSONICS antennas let us know. do they work as well for you as they do for me? Got something better?
Whats the best antenna you have?? what do you monitor with it?
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