Sierra Pacific Power For Elko NV

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Sep 14, 2003
During power outages in the Elko area one might listen to the NSRS (800 Trunking System) operated by the State of Nevada and talk group ID 07-090 which is used by SPP in the greater Elko area. Spring Creek had an outage yesterday for about 51 minutes.
A list which looks like the complete list of all TGIDs' for the system, statewide is showing in the third edition of the Southern Nevada Radio Scanner Book, dated July 2005. AES does not have that edition but Radio World in Boulder City, NV does have it in stock during my last visit to the store several weeks ago. They can be reached at 702-294-2666. The book has grown to 58 pages and seems to get bigger and better as time marches on.

Later, TG 07-036 for SPP in Elko became active. It is their "wire pulling" channel.
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