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Site 38 info for MPSCS


Database Admin
Database Admin
Aug 23, 2002
Site 38 was again heard on the air in the greater Bozeman area. I thought I had some of the stuff figured out, but my logs seems to be incomplete. As the control channel is part of the marine blanket license, there is no true license in the FCC database to look up at this time. I had the TX freq for the control channel as 157.x or 159.x, but again, the logs apparently didn't save properly.

I am almost sure its a low level site in Bozeman, and was heard on the top of Bozeman Pass.

If anyone in the Gallatin County area feels like taking a ride around...

As such, its added to the DB as "Site 38" and given a default county range for those using location based scanning equipment.


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Dec 9, 2000
San Antonio, TX
Did you happen to get any neighbor site info from Unitrunker / DSD

There is an FCC document that references 161.9875 in use for a new St Mary's site in Glacier County, just outside of the park, that is going in. That's quite a haul though from the Bozeman area.


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Dec 19, 2002
Dallas, TX
Have a relative in Bozeman who i sent a BCD396XT a while back. So far he is getting into it.
Unfortunately he isnt able to use or set up Unitrunker. But im working on getting him more proficient with his scanner to add one more user to the area who likes to scan.