Skip Log For 8/3/08

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Nov 27, 2006
Paragould/Greene County AR
154.860 - DIGITAL P 25 TG 291 but the audio was garbled/encrypted or hard to understand.. I had 1 bar on it on my PSR 500

/\ /\ /\ This is really the only interesting one that I picked up out of the ordinary, I have no clue where it come from and I couldn't understand a word, It was really scrambled, More of a garbled sound..but I KNOW it was NOT around here, No one in the state of AR uses this type system, The statewide system is on 800 mhz and everyone else is either 400 or 800, No VHF trunked systems anywhere in the state at this time...

Only other one was 154.190 with CTCSS of 146.2, Roof Collapse and water pouring into the house, They're afraid the electrical system is going to short out at any moment...

Everything else I've narrowed down to either central arkansas or Tennessee, Parts of southern missouri as well.. Heard Missouri HP on 42.920 and 42.940.. This is about it..
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