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Apr 14, 2006
Lafayette, Indiana
Anyone else pick up transmissions from Northern Indiana last night? Here's what I came across

9:15pm 460.025 MHz (Never got a confirmed location)
Shots fired on 106th & Perry St
Subjects seen walking with gun in hand at 114th & 115th

9:40pm 115.550 Mhz (Not sure on location)
Man and Woman found walking on Michigan Rd, 2451 Michigan Road

9:50pm 147.105 MHz (Valpo repeater)
W9CTO was the only callsign that I could write down fast enough

10:50pm 147.285 MHz (Plymouth repeater)

Most of them lasted about 5 minutes then faded out as fast as they came in. I know that the first one wasn't anywhere near Lafayette because there isn't a 115th as far as I know. I'm thinking that it was either Ft. Wayne, Chicago or South Bend.
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