Slam two-one

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Feb 21, 2006
Snapped this around 3:35pm EDT today. Flight of 3 F-16s from Va ANG Richmond doing a missing man formation fly-by for a ceremony at the Rotunda at The University of Virginia. The building in the picture is the brand new John Paul Jones Arena, maybe 1/2 mile northwest of the Rotunda. (For those who don't know, the Rotunda was designed and built by Thomas Jefferson as one of the original buildings at UVa).

I heard Potomac Approach calling them on 132.850 and I switched over to 323.125 6 or 8 minutes before their scheduled arrival. I had just driven past the Rotunda and saw the ceremony and pulled into the Arena parking lot.

Slam 24 had departed the group well before their arrival and turned back to Richmond. Slam 21 had joined the localizer for CHO and dropped out of the cloud cover at around 3000' before lining up for the flyover. They were then told to turn heading 100 and climb back to 9000 to return to Richmond. They were handed off to approach but I missed the freq. It is usually 134.700 for Richmond - I guess I will have to look it up on the approach plate for RIC.

Another note; last year there was a similar flyover, I had missed the approach comms but saw the jets and turned the scanner on 323.125 and they were using the same callsign.


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