Small Canadian AM radio station transmitter..

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Jun 13, 2014
Hi list,

I'm about to operate a small AM radio station
from my home in Quebec City, Canada.
I found all the necessary permissions to operate it.
Budget is a big issue in my case so no question
to buy semi-pro AM transmitters..
So far I have a very reliable SSTRAN AMT3000 transmitter
in my house that is very 'frequency stable'.
My problem comes from that it has only 100mw of RF power
and I need around 5 watts AND I don't have room to put
a 10 feet antenna anywhere inside my house
or in my backyard..
So one of the solution would be to use
some kind of AM RF booster between the AMT3000 transmitter
output and use a small antenna (around 2 feet) mounted
in serie with a loading coil.
So I'd have the desired power with a small antenna.
But the problem I have is that the AMT3000 has a DIP switches 'tunable'
output to its antenna connector, so no standard 50 ohms output(!)
I would guess most of the possible AM boosters have 50 ohms input right ?
So I need some kind of impedance matching circuit that
would drop my transmitter output to accomodate 50 ohms stuff first.
Second, find a good 5 watts AM booster.. Any idea ?
Third, find a small (around 2 feet) antenna with appropriate loading coil
at the final booster output stage.. again, any idea ?

Here is the complete SSTRAN AMT3000 manual including schematic:

Any suggestions welcomed.

Not open for further replies.