Small scanner, cb, crank radio, and solar charger?

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Mar 13, 2010
Looking for a durable radio set that has weather alerts and FRS/GWRS. These look perfect

BUT the reviews are bad. What kind of range can I get out of a similar type that works?

Is there an alternative that will actually work at long ranges?
Who makes a compact solar powered battery charger for AA batteries? Are there lithium rechargeables out?

I am looking for a small yet useable crank radio as well as a larger more reliable one. Which one should it be?

I have two crank radios but they are both junk as they will break easily and dont get good reception.
LOW-558 - Kaito VOYAGER Radio with Solar and Crank Weather Alert Multiband Radio with Cellphone and MP3-IPOD Charger

Do they have a small micro size police type scanner? I would like one that is highly weather resistant and that has a feature that picks up the close by frequencies.

Who makes a compact CB that has long range? Whats the max range I can get out of a CB? If I was to carry one of the above mentioned devices daily, which should it be?
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