Smiley Antenna 5/8th Wave Duck


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Jan 24, 2010
Opocopa, Labrador
On Thursday afternoon I received the Smiley Antenna 5/8th Wave VHF portable antenna that some friends down in the states suggested I purchase. The antenna purchase wasn't meant for a receiver, but rather for my personal Motorola APX4000 I use for work. The stiff stock Motorola antenna works alright, but it isn't really designed for the kind of difficult large expanses, mountains, and river valleys here in Labrador and Northern Quebec.

Ordering online from Smiley Antenna was simple, with plenty of options for the various standard connector types used on both scanners, ham radios, and commercial radios. The shipping was reasonably priced, especially coming to Canada, and the travel time was reasonable. Their sales representative was also kind, and very quick with her email replies.

After just a day of use the difference in my portable's reception is noticeable. I don't have to take my radio out of it's holster nearly as much through the day to able to hear coworkers while out in the field, even down in the canyon, and the same is true for them having to hear me. It is a larger antenna, but it's flexibility makes that a non-issue. I highly suggest their products as an upgrade for any radio. I'll definitely be going back to purchase more products for them for my scanners and my ham radio portables.