Soledad - M.C.I Car Accident

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Jul 22, 2008
Monterey County, CA
Anyone else hear the craziness on Westmed and Fire comm RED dispatch today in the afternoon? Tuned in a little late, but there was a bad accident on highway 101 on McCoy Rd, near the Camphora Rd over pass (not even a 1/2 mile away from Soledad Prison). Two vehicles involved, head-on collision. Soledad Fire was dispatched. It was a multiple casualty incident. CALSTAR 5 and 9 were dispatched, and a total of 5 ambulances were requested. Total of 8 patients, all trapped and all conscious, according to Westmed. Gonzales Fire was called in for mutual aid, and I believe I heard that there was more on the way.

CALSTAR 9 medevaced two patients to San Jose Memorial, and CALSTAR 5 medevaced I believe 1 to San Jose regional (too much going on, can't remember all details). It was a little unclear to me as to how many of the remaining patients refused care. Couldn't hear anything on the MED ringdown channels. Pretty crazy, lots of radio traffic. Soledad Fire I.C was switching from Fire comm RED to CALCORD back and forth. Fire was on one of the TAC channels, but I was too far to even hear anything (I live in Gonzales). He terminated the M.C.I at 4:55pm and everything ended at 5:01pm. Not sure if there was any fatalities.

Anyone else wanna correct, or add more? I couldn't keep up, too much radio traffic!
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