SOLVED/DISREGARD: 164.7625, $950 Sys ID: 095Dh-001


Aug 22, 2014
municipality of great state of insanity
SCRATCH ALL- outta curiosity just now checked the Savannah River Site details. This is just an unlisted frequency for it. Sorry folks. Only did searches for the exact freq and "95D" which was all "Part 95D" results. My apologies.

So spent some time searching from a high point in central NC last night (same location that I can receive 172.3000, Sys ID: 0A7Fh-001, fairly reliably), due to the RNC in CLT, and got a very, very weak signal on 164.7625 $950 / NAC 950, with a WS1040, a PRO668 and a BCD436HP. I have searched around here on RR and haven't come up with much, anyone with info on this system is welcome to chime in.

Central NC, 08/23/2020, 1950h local.


P25 system with one site, one control channel programmed:


Analyze mode:

Sys ID: 095Dh-001
Site: 010
NAC: 950h


A couple of notes here, Shaw AFB's 160mHz system was more easily recieved than this one and 172.3 was reliably recieved concurrently at 2 bars signal strength whereas 164.7625 had no bars. It actually took about 20mins parked on it in analyze mode and all sorts of gyrations and adjustments to finally get a System ID readout. This one is totally new to me.