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Some EMS/Fire Dispatch In TN

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Nov 27, 2006
Paragould/Greene County AR
I'm in Northeast Arkansas, And this has never happned before tonight. I do on occassion hear Obion County/Troy TN FD pages but not often. However tonight the three dept's that use that channel have been hearing some kind of Department traffic all day.. I wasn't sure where it was from and I'm still not sure, But I'm about 90% sure it's from TN since the last unit was transporting to Lebonur Childrens Hospital, However It's Coming over our County Fire Channel with a 173.9 PL Tone.. Medical Call Just Came Over 3900 Petro Road Unit 14 respoind.. It Could Be W. Memphis AR I suppose.. It's Coming over 154.445 and the input to that is 151.025.. Any Ideas Anyone?
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