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"Sonar" brand radio help

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Jul 12, 2007
I've got a couple of "Sonar" FM2112 mobile radios. Have had them for about 15 years. Got them at an auction. As purchased, only one channel had a frequency programmed - 157.680. At that time - pre~internet- I called the company listed on the paperwork that came with the radios and got a price sheet from them. Among other things you could have a prom programmed to your specs and shipped to you to install yourself.

They are 16 channel scanning radios- programmable via EPROM. I just recently dug them and the paperwork out. Went to call Sonar and see about having a prom made. I was just going to use them as scanners. I got them cheap and there aren't enough frequencies around here to fill the prom up. Should be just the ticket.

Sonar says they are out of business- as far as these radios are concerned. Nothing noteworthy on the internet about them and absolutely nothing on the radios. They said the sold all their remaining proms and the programming stuff to a place up in the Northeast called Bardwell Electronics about 5 years ago.

I googled that and came up with a number, and as of 10 minutes ago no one answered there.

If it comes out that they can't/won't program a prom for me, am I dead in the water? Where should I turn my search efforts if that is a dead end? I was hoping someone out there in the ether would be able to steer me in the right direction.

They are real nice looking radios. The previous owners had a sheet metal working shop and this was the owners and his wifes vehicle radios. Not a scratch on them.
All the company's radios sold in one box I bought. 3 of them were these huge G.E. trunk mount, crystal controlled monsters listed as 80 watt output. Back then I connected them to a power supply and an antenna and they did transmit to each other. They are long gone, but I saved all the smaller, solid state radios. These 2 Sonars, and 3 or 4 "Standard" brand 2 channel crystal types.
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