South Korean numbers station V24, March 21, 2020, 5150 kHz, 1400 UTC

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Jun 18, 2010
Mojave Desert, California, USA
The South Korean numbers station V24 has a fairly regular schedule. However, it does change habits over time, adding and subtracting time slots periodically. This month V24 has been more active than in many months past. In fact, this month they reactivated a frequency and time slot that they had not used since May 2018.

March 18 at 1400 UTC V24 was heard on 5150 kHz. It used the same intro music and callup that was last heard on that frequency in May of 2018. So for whatever reason they stopped using it (this frequency and time) for a while, and have now started again.

My recording of March 21 is better quality than the first recording I made on March 18th, so I have uploaded the later date to my YouTube channel. The transmission was the same for March 18 and 21, and will be the same in two days for March 25. It is normal for this station to send identical messages three times a month.

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