South Texas Brush Fire Season

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Jan 19, 2001
So. Texas
The area around San Antonio is especially dry right now. Of the entire state of Texas, the KBDI drought index is highest in Bexar, Comal and Guadalupe County and is off the scale.

I began hearing Texas Forest service ops yesterday on the Toutant Boureguard Fire With Leon Springs and Boerne. FireTac aircraft could be heard clearly on Texas Fire 1 (154.280)

FireTac Command usually utilizes an overhead fixed wing to circle overhead and assign/coordinate the Blackhawks drop zone assignments.

Texas Forestry service is currently relocating assets closer to the San Antonio area including 2 dozer teams.

Here are some other active freqs to listen to in and around San Antonio:

129.285 AM Air Command
151.385 AM Air to Ground
122.675 AM ??
122.925 AM Region 5 Air to Air
122.425 AM Region 5 Air to Air secondary
168.625 Air Guard/Emergency comm to Aircraft

In years past, I have also heard traffic on 126.075 AM and 122.220 AM

There is a plethora of forest service ground channels out there, but I am not close enough to the actual fire grounds to be able to pick them up.

In addition to the above here's what I am monitoring between 2 receivers assigned solely to fire ops:

Victor Channel 123.025 AM Local helicopters (KENS,WOAI,KSAT,Airlife,SAPD Eagle)
Bexar County Fire Primary 154.25 FM
Texas Fire 1 (BCFA tac 2) 154.28 FM
Bexar County Fire Tac 3 153.77 FM linked to 800 Fire Ops channel
Bexar County Fire 800 BCFA DSP, BCFA ACC, BCFA OPS, BCFA EMS, FG1, FG2, FG3, FG4
Atascosa Co Fire 153.95 FM
Medina Co Fire 158.76 FM
Wilson Co SO/Fire 155.55 FM

Bexar County public works also has a specially trained team of wildfire heavy equipment operators. They have been used 3 times this week, they are being coordinated on 800 fireground and Sig channels.

For the first time I heard all Bexar county 800 fireground channels in heavy use and all vhf fire channels in use at one time. As we get closer to July 4th, I'm sure it will get more interesting.

Anyone with further updates pipe up!!

Happy Monitoring!

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