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Southern Linc iDEN Shut Down

Dec 27, 2007
Central AL
Interesting to see for sure. I personally can't believe how long iDEN has actually been in use now. I still have some of the old Motorola i355s around that I use for the Direct Talk walkie talkie feature and they work great for that.


Database Admin
Dec 19, 2002
San Diego County, California
Southern Linc Suspends iDEN Service, Continues Transition to Mission-Critical LTE

April 22, 2019

Southern Linc suspended service on thousands of iDEN phones during March as the regional carrier transitions its network to Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Not all of the network elements were turned off, the company said.

Link: Southern Linc Suspends iDEN Service, Continues Transition to Mission-Critical LTE