Southhaven, MS - Southaven Fire Dept. getting new radio system

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Dec 18, 2002
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DeSoto County has an MOU with Mississippi for the MSWIN. Looks like the conversion is going to happen. That would be the fourth local TRS to be converted. Jones, Forrest, Lee being the first three to convert their old Motorola Smart Zone's. I anticipate several more following suite within a couple of years as Motorola support ends for Smart Zones. Hinds, Rankin, Warren, Washington, and Tunica, among those. And of course, there are a couple of EDACS systems that have now upgraded to Harris P25IP's since the EDACS is also no longer to be supported.... And a few more that possibly will go to the MSWIN also. One I am watching especially is the State of Mississippi DOC, who currently is using an EDACS. Pretty much the last State level agency not on the MSWIN yet.
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