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Space Shuttle/ISS tracking software (It's FREE)

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Jan 26, 2005
Navasota, TX.
Orbitron 3.71, size: 2 MB:

Read me:


Orbitron is a satellite tracking system for radio amateur and observing purposes. It's also used by weather professionals, satellite communication users, astronomers, UFO hobbyist and even astrologers.

Application shows the positions of satellites at any given moment (in real or simulated time). It's FREE (Cardware) and it's probably one of the easiest and most powerful satellite trackers, according to opinions of thousands of users from all over the world. I'm still working on it, waiting for your opinions and bug reports. Please try it. If you like it - tell your friends about it and send me a postcard...


* NORAD SGP4/SDP4 prediction models
* 20 000 satellites can be loaded from TLE file(s) (auto: PC/Unix, 2/3 line)
* ALL of them can be tracked at the same time
* Sun and Moon tracking
* Full-screen, presentation modes
* Supported screen resolutions from 640x480
* Real-time mode / Simulation mode (free time control)
* Advanced passes & Iridium flares search engine (results printing)
* Miscellaneous options of visualisation
* Nightlife (dark color-scheme for night usage)
* Orbit info
* Notes for each object
* Radar
* Easy, flexible interface
* Database of cities around the world
* Database of satellite frequencies
* PC clock synchronization via NTP
* Internet TLE updater (with ZIP support) via HTTP
* Rotor/radio control (built-in or user's driver support)
* Windows screen-saver included
* Translations supported
* and many, many, more...

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (recommendations)

* Windows 9x/2k/Me/XP/2003, Linux [with Wine emulation]
* 150 MHz processor (300 MHz)
* 16 MB RAM (32 MB)
* 5 MB free space on hard drive
* 640x480 screen resolution (800x600x16 bit)

"I like it!"


Jul 13, 2003
You can also try wxtrack.You can set it up so ham sats on 1 list and shuttle on another and then weather sats on the 3rd or whatever you track.And then you can keep track of more satellites and there not all on one map.You can also use window icons for the satellites.Its great.and also get kepler manager to download your 2 line updates from space track.org.

Its great !!!!

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