Space X 900Mhz Capacity Plus (Cape Canaveral)


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Jul 29, 2002
East Central, Florida
in an effort to better understand the "UHF" and the "900" Space X DMR systems.... I did some tinkering around.

this post is from my post in the Motorola forum - primarily because it's really a technical discussion on Capacity+ trunking more than it was (at the time) a Florida specific discussion.

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this is for people who know a lot more about MotoTrbo Capacity+ trunking than I do (and trust me, I don't know much)
This post revolves around 2 different SpaceX CAP+ "systems" at Cape Canaveral. Their UHF and 900Mhz systems:

Space X 900Mhz CAP+:
Space X UHF CAP+:

Yes, systems is in quotes... here's why.
Myself a couple of other locals have been playing hell trying to figure out "Site 6" on the 900Mhz trunk. 2 of the 4 frequencies assigned by the FCC to Site 6 are actually used at Site 4 (937.1625 and 938.1375). The other two freqs (936.15 and 936.4125) have never been monitored.

So today, I spent some time trying to get DSD+ set up to trunk-track this UHF Space X DMR system. Turns out the RR db was missing a freq and the LCN order wasn't quite right. That has been corrected.

Now here is the interesting part. above I stated that the 900MHz "Site 6" has never been monitored. I think the reason why - is kinda simple - i think the UHF site 6 is part of the larger "Space X 900mhz CAP+ System".... the UHF Site 6 reports site neighbors of 1, 2, 3, and 4. And conversely, (for example) Site 1 of the 900 system reports neighbors of 2, 3, 4, and 6. .... (((there is no "site 5" that we have ever found/monitored))) - so from the Neighbor List perspective, our theory works.....

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so this is what I did today.... I set up one instance of DSD+ FastLane on the UHF system... and other instance of DSD+ on the 900 system.... and I saw this:


remember above where I stated there didn't seem to be a 900MHz "site 6" --- well, that's because the UHF system appears to be "Site 6".... note TG104 being carried simulaneously across both the 900 and the UHF side. Note that today the 900 side is fairly weak from my QTH, but I have seen the Neighbor List (NL) populate correctly with site 6 listed as a neighbor on the 900 side.

we still have some figuring out to do with the 900 side as far as LCNs.... my DSD+ setup isn't quite right (yet)