Speeding Motorcycle Chased From Sierras To Bay Area

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Oct 14, 2007
POSTED: 3:23 pm PST November 26, 2009
UPDATED: 7:13 pm PST November 26, 2009

Speeding Motorcycle Chased From Sierras To Bay Area
Biker Tailed Across 5 Northern California Counties

Sam Gonzalez / KCRA TV

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--A motorcyclist led the California Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase across five counties on Thanksgiving Day, with speeds hitting more than 100 mph.

Officers doing traffic enforcement in the Truckee area first tried to stop Pedro Alberto Sermeno and two other motorcyclists for speeding at about 2:15 p.m., CHP spokesman Marvin Williford said.

They didn't stop right away, Williford said. But the other two motorcycles eventually doubled back and were cited by Truckee CHP officers.

However, Sermeno was followed -- first by car, then by helicopter and plane -- to Benicia, with speeds exceeding 100 mph.

Williford, with Solano Area CHP, said authorities were concerned about public safety if they continued to pursue the vehicle on the ground.

Sermeno, 26, was taken into custody at about 4 p.m. after stopping at a home. He didn't resist arrest, Williford said.

It wasn't clear why the motorcyclist, from Fremont, failed to immediately stop. He had a valid license and no warrants, Williford said. Intoxication doesn't appear to be a factor.

Sermeno was booked into the Solano County Jail on charges of reckless evading.

Those new blue 2 and brown 2 tac frequencies must have been active during this 2 hour time period. Didn't you guys mention that these new channels were being used for speed enforcement? Valid license, no warrants and not drunk! In that case, only an IDIOT would pull such a reckless stunt...
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