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Spirit M series


Apr 13, 2009
Anyone know anything about the Motorola Spirit M series ? I just picked up two with the 4 channel top selector ( model number MU24CVS ). I remember these as business radios in the very early 2000’s. I’ve seen some go on eBay for more than Sp50’s interestingly.

Anyone have anything good / first hand experience with these ? For the amount of money I paid for them, I don’t expect heaven and earth. Probably just keep them around for a “when SHTF” and need more comms.


I ♥ Ø
Jul 27, 2005

Low tier business radios. Before bubble pack GMRS radios flooded the market, these were the answer for many businesses and contractors.
You'll need to read up on them and make sure you run them in narrow band mode and on a frequency you are licensed for.


May 9, 2007
Conroe, TX
Being the family radio nerd I maintain a fleet of M Series in VHF flavor for a family owned business that requires reliable on site comms about 3 times a year. Think MURS. Fleet is around 20 radios now with the full compliment of spare batteries, gang chargers, audio accessories and carrying cases.

They are fantastically rugged, have a timeless form factor, accept a plethora of accessories and are easy to re-case, maintain and keep fresh looking. The simple layout is a god send for those less apt to accept displays and multi function buttons.

We are using everything from genuine VHF stubbies and acoustic headsets to full helicals and speaker mics. Keep your ebay search alerts on and there are great deals to be had. All users are happy with audio quality and ease of use.

NEVER had one fail and comms ALWAYS work as compared to the bubble pack FRS nightmare present prior to me volunteering to take it over.