Jul 10, 2020
Hey all, kind of new to all of this. I have a BCD436HP and it has the ability to pick up CB. My question is, do they make a splitter/junction box that I can have a scanner antenna and a CB antenna going to it? So I would have one scanner antenna on my vehicle and a CB antenna on my vehicle as well, 2 different coax cables going to one junction box and another coax cable going to the scanner in side my vehicle. Thank you in advanced.


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Nov 4, 2019
Cranston, Rhode Island
You'd really have to compromise and use an "all-band" scanner antenna. Which would work great for scanner but lousey on all but the most local CB signal. There are no duplexers/splitters that would cover scanner freqs and CB, the range is just too far apart. Even if you used a cheap splitter, but the time you add all the adapters and jumper cable you would have much loss. Why the bcd436hp covers cb freqs is odd unless you live in a high traffic CB area. Or maybe on the road driving? Maybe travelers would find that useful where you'd be able to pick up local cb traffic on the main hiways as well as scanner freqs with just a simple all-band scanner antenna. I live a stones throw from interstate 295 here and with a discone antenna I can hear truckers on their cb but for short distance, maybe 1/2 mile each way.


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Jul 27, 2005
This is NOT a perfect solution, but it is an option:

This will have 4 ports on it:
Common - to your scanner antenna input
1.6MHz to 60MHz - Connect this one to a dedicated low band antenna/CB antenna.
110MHz to 170MHz - Connect this one to a VHF antenna
300MHz to 950MHz - Connect this one to a UHF/700/800 antenna.

You might search around and see if you can find a 2 port Diplexer that will give you a split along the lines of 1.6MHz to 60MHz and 110MHz to 950MHz. I didn't see one in quick looking, but that would allow you to have two antennas.