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May 30, 2003
Does anybody know if or when more talkgroups on the Springfield/Greene County system are going digital? i see more and more XTS out and I know they can't buy any more MTS2000 or MCS2000 which were what the system was build on. Anyone have any inside info. on the system. Also if would be nice to know how different groups have their radios setup (makes it easier to know which talkgroup they might be switching to). What is there plan for buying radios now? What radio will CU be buying?

Does anyone know what type of radios the users of the S/GC system used before they switch over. I know the Springfield PD and FD were on a 460 MHz UHF conv. system but what type of radios were they running.

Anybody ever tune into any of the local SMRs. I've started to and plan on trying to hunt down some of the talk groups and get them ID as there isn't much in the DB.
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Jul 9, 2004
Springfield / Greene County


Currently they have no plans to add any more digital groups. The XTS radios you see are the ones they have had from day one. All supervisors from the police/sheriff lieutenants to the Springfield FD battalion chiefs and on up the ladder where issued XTS radios. The only users of the digital side of the system are:

41008 a03 E CSU-Crime Scene Unit
41040 a05 D Drug Enforcement Unit
41072 a07 E Narcotics
41104 a09 E Organized Crime/Vice
41136 a0b E Chief's Administrative Channel
41200 a0f E Special Response Team
41232 a11 D Inicident Command
41264 a13 D Detectives
41168 a0d E Springfield Fire Marshal

Most communications are encrypted and you cant hear anything except sqawk and beeps. Also, almost all of the radios are programmed for:

80 005 A B1 Countywide Call
112 007 A B2 Countywide Mutual Aid Tactical 1
144 009 A B3 Countywide Mutual Aid Tactical 2
176 00b A B4 Countywide Mutual Aid Tactical 3
208 00d A B5 Countywide Mutual Aid Tactical 4
240 00f A B6 Countywide Mutual Aid Tactical 5
272 011 A B7 Countywide Mutual Aid Tactical 6
304 013 A B8 Countywide Mutual Aid Tactical 7
336 015 A B9 Countywide Mutual Aid Tactical 8

If you take a look at the database, you will see how the radios are programmed based on the agency. No one agency has all of the talk groups programmed into there radio. Springfield Police has the following programmed into there patrol radios including the handhelds:

816 033 A Emergency
848 035 A A1 South Side / Zone 1
912 039 A A2 North Side / Zone 2
1168 049 A A3 Administration
1232 04d A A4 Tactical 1
1264 04f A A5 Tactical 2
1296 051 A A6 Tactical 3
1328 053 A A7 Tactical 4
1072 043 A C1 Officer-to-Officer (Patrol Officers)
1104 045 A C2 Officer-to-Officer (Patrol Officers)
1136 047 A C3 Officer-to-Officer (Traffic Officers)

If you are a part of a special team, the radios are programmed with the additional digital talkgroups in the "C" channel lineup.

To answer your question about what radios they used before the trunked system, it was Motorola MX-340, MX-350 for portables and Mitreks for mobiles. The PD were on 460.025, 460.100, 460.225 and 460.400.

I have tuned into the local SMR, but VERY boring so I didn't spend much time on it.

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