Sr. Citizen Question Re New Home Patrol, Please

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Dec 15, 2004
Boston, MA

Sr. Citizen now (very).
Would like to get back into scanning hobby.
Live in Sudbury, Mass. (just North of Framingham/Natick areas)

Want to purchase a new scanner, with the latest and greatest
features, and would appreciate any advice.

Would probably go with the Uniden Home Patrol again,
due to its ease of programming, which is a very important
factor for me now.

Have the following questions, please:

a. My present scanner is two years old.
Bought from Amazon, and apparently just called a Uniden Home Patrol.
That's also just what it says on silvery faceplate: "Home Patrol".

Am I correct that there has been in the last two years,
a newer Home Patrol I and a Home Patrol II ?

When I list it somewhere to sell it, I really want to be accurate
for what I say to any prospective buyers’, so hence the Home Patrol model question for
what I most likely have now.

b. Is there a Home Patrol III due out shortly ?
Would hate to buy the II, and have a III come out right after.

c. Does the Home Patrol II have just about all the modes, digital, and contemplated
capabilities I would ever likely need, or is there some other desktop
model to consider ? If so, why please ?

Probably will be the last scanner I’ll be purchasing.
An extra $ 100 or so is doable for me.

BTW: any opinions on what $ should I list it for ?
where might be a good place to list it ?

Much thanks for help; appreciate it,


Jun 20, 2007
Anne Arundel County, MD
There is only the Home Patrol (original which you have) and the Home Patrol 2 in that format of radio. The difference is phase 2 digital reception on the HP2.

So, HP1 and HP2. The HP1 is still going for around $350 and still for sale. Both are great radios.

There is also an x36 line of Home Patrol radios not in the same format as the HP1 or HP2

These are the 536 (a mobile or desktop in standard mobile unit form) and the 436, the same in portable radio format. These are the same radio, just with different format.

The A HP2 and the 436 run close to the same in price around $450 and the 536 is around $500. You can find deals on all these this time of year. The x36 radios allow you to purchase additional formats like DMR and Provoice, where the HP2 does not. Depending on where you are, there may or may not be anything to listen to of interest in these formats, which cost additional.

There is no talk of an HP3, but the HP2 will do everything the x36 radios will do except quick keys and these extra formats.

If you want the absolute best out there from Uniden it would be the 536.

Whistler has a comparable top of the line model that also gets these additional formats, but are including them without additional add-on charges. It also runs around $500.

If you are looking for ease of programming and are familiar with the HP1, you can use the same software for the HP2.

A similar Sentinel application exists for the 436/536.

You would be starting the software learning process over with the Whistler.



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Jan 15, 2007
a. My present scanner is two years old.
Bought from Amazon, and apparently just called a Uniden Home Patrol.
That's also just what it says on silvery faceplate: "Home Patrol".
You do have the Home Patrol-1.

If you look at the ID tag on the back of the scanner, just under the name "Uniden America Coporation", you will see "Model: Home Patrol-1"



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Feb 6, 2004
Louisville, KY
I suggest look at the Radio Reference database and see if any of the systems you are interested in monitoring are Project 25 Phase II. (Phase II is a modification/change in the format of transmissions).

If there are no Phase II systems and your existing Home Patrol is still functioning, you might be better off continuing to use it.

If there are Phase II systems you wish to monitor, then the Home Patrol 2 would be my suggestion since it is quite similar to what you are used to. Should there be ProVoice or DMR systems, of interest to you, then you might look into the 436 or 536 models.

I'm unaware of any "new technology" that would lend itself to a new line of scanners in the short term future. Pretty much everything out there now, other than NXDN can be received by current scanners.
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